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Maple Leaf Foreign Language School is a Canadian/Chinese partnership under Canadian management. The school offers oral and listening comprehension to students ages 4 ½ to 14. Each class consists of 20 students separated by age and ability into five levels. Sounding, reading and grammar are taught as it pertains to each lesson. Classes are jointly taught with a bilingual Chinese teacher. We provides texts, curriculum, teaching materials, teaching aids and proposed lesson plans for all texts. We use our own texts and multimedia for young learners and British and American texts for senior students.

Our more than 850 students are nurtured by our experienced staff of 22 Chinese teachers and eight teachers from Canada, USA and South Africa (some with more than 15 years tenure at the school).
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We welcome your inquiries. References from long term teachers are available to interested and qualified applicants. We have given lessons under contract to various Government departments such as the police, Hanshang District Court and the tax department. We give lessons at Handan Polytechnic College and at the Handan Steel Company, on an as required basis. 

Maple Leaf also participates actively in social events in conjunction with the Education Bureau and support special promotional events for the City. Maple Leaf also provides lessons for under-privileged and handicapped children. 

We welcome your inquiries. References from long term teachers are available to interested and qualified applicants.

 About Handan City...

Handan is located about 450 km south of Beijing on the major North-South railway and highway. It is a city rich in Chinese history and culture with an interesting mix of old and new architecture. As the most time-honored city in Hebei, Handan was the capital of Zhao Kingdom in Warring States Period (476BC-221BC) and it was a political, economic and cultural center for northern China.

The city enjoys a continental monsoon climate and features four clear seasons. It is dry and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer. The weather is temperate and cool in autumn, chilly in winter and we get very little snow. The average temperature for the year is about 13.5C (51.8F). January is the coldest month and July the hottest. The population is around 9.2 million (including the counties).

There are a number of walking parks in and around the city. Cong Tai is located downtown, about ten minutes from the school office. Long Hu (Dragon Lake) Park is in the east, right where most our teachers live. It has a man-made lake, a large underground supermarket. It is very convenient for both exercise and shopping. In the immediate area is Jingniang Lake. Embraced by verdant mountains, Jingniang Lake is picturesque with a variety of both natural and artificial formations. There are 18 scenic sights in all, including Gaoxia Pinghu (Calm Lake Rising from the Steep Gorge), "Fury Lion Raises Its Head", Jingniang Gorge, Songzu Gorge and Xianling Gorge. Hot Water Springs swimming area and many other historical sites are located in the city and in the surrounding counties.

And fear not...KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are located here for a fix of “foreign food”. There are several restaurants offering international cuisine - Japanese, Korean, Thai, German, Greek, South American and many others. 

Teachers accommodations meet or exceed the Standards for Foreign Experts set by the State. The apartments are typically two bedroom/single occupancy. 

They are inspected and approved by the Foreign Trade, Police and Education Bureaus. They are fully furnished and ready to move in. Ammenities include a fridge, gas cooker, microwave, rice maker, television, dvd, clothes washer, hot water heater, air conditioning and Western-style bathroom. Cooking utensils, towels and bedding are also provided. In addition the school provides internet access at the office and free Chinese language lessons.